Filming Coordination

Filming Coordination


We provide a great range of production services for a great range of filming projects, from documentaries, travel shows, comedy stunt shows, television commercials, television dramas and online video content to product catalogues and commercial still photo shoots. Our involvement may be large or small, whether it is a few phone calls for some background fact checking or taking care of all the local arrangements for cast and crews of 100s. We will research, source stories, find people, scout locations, source filming equipment, cast and engage models, actors and extras, engage and organize local film crew – from 1 to 100 as the project may require, and generally sort out whatever has to be done so our are clients happy and keen to come back and our local partners are looking forward to the next shoot as well.


We keep and close eye on events in New Zealand, Australian and the South Pacific and maintain a range of local contacts throughout these regions. Be it time critical news gathering or time consuming obscure research our Japanese/ English bilingual staff will find out or find someone local who can find out just about anything. We are often asked to source footage and organize usage rights and this might have us dealing with the major television broadcasters throughout the region or finding the rights holder of amateur footage posted on-line. Breaking news story or events from years ago we are often asked to find people who have been in the news or involved in some intriguing exploit and to organize follow up filming. Our bilingual staff are happy to follow up any research request, large or small, tricky or obvious, with a quick and accurate response.