About Us

About Us

About NZ Network

NZ Network was established in 1995 and has been working with a variety of media clients since then.

The wealth of experience built up over the years we regard as a great asset but in a rapidly changing and evolving industry we are very aware of the need to adapt to new technology and always to look for improvements in the way we work. We are a boutique operation and while we do have the capacity to manage multiple concurrent projects that operating as a company allows us we also have a great pool of experienced free lancers that we enjoy working with to call on for their expertise or just advice when the job requires it. These local partners in New Zealand and elsewhere whose help we constantly draw upon are very important to us and it is from them that the ‘network’ in our company name refers.

Company Details

Company name NZ Network Co (2011) Ltd
Managing Director Hideaki Arai
Bank ANZ Bank, Whangaparaoa Branch, Auckland, New Zealand
Accounting firm Yes Accounting (2004) Ltd
Company Address 33 David Sidwell Place, Whangaparaoa, Auckland, New Zealand